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Kiditos Mermaid Light Up Terrarium DIY Toy Kit

SKU: KD-TA-mermaid
  • Magical Discovery in a Jar:Unveil the enchantment of nature with our Fantasy Terrarium – a captivating miniature faux mermaid garden.Allow your child to delve into the beauty of the natural world and the allure of mermaids as they craft their own mesmerizing mermaid terrarium with this comprehensive kit.
  • Illuminate Your Imagination:Experience the magic beneath the lid!As night falls, simply toggle the small switch, and behold as your terrarium metamorphoses into a stunningly illuminated wonderland. Seeing is believing – witness the radiance!
  • All-Inclusive Kit Delight:Unbox an array of creative possibilities! Our kit includes a terrarium jar, a light-up jar lid with a convenient handle, a button cell battery for sustained brilliance, a graceful mermaid figurine, an assortment of colored and transparent crystals, landscape sand for a realistic setting, and an array of mini decorations to personalize your mermaid haven.
  • Joyful Creation for All Ages:Instant fascination awaits as children unveil the kit! Watch as imaginations flourish, making it an ideal gift that transcends age boundaries, sparking joy and creativity for everyone involved.
  • Fantasy Art Transformed:Elevate the experience with our included mermaid toy featuring a remote control.With 13 vibrant color options and 3 adjustable light modes,this remote-controlled marvel transforms your kids' terrarium into a radiant fantasy night light. Immerse the space in a spectrum of colors, creating a magical atmosphere at the touch of a button.