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Christmas Edition 20 Colors Magic Water Elf Toy Kit

  • Unlock Limitless Creativity with Our 20 Exclusive Christmas Colors Magic Gel: Dive into a world of color with our aqua fairy gel that boasts 20 distinctive shades, including 10 sparkling magic gel colors crafted especially for the festive season. It's designed to stimulate children's creativity and fuel their imaginations.
  • Unique Christmas Delight with 10 Exclusive Patented Christmas Molds: Experience the joy of crafting with our DIY squishy kit, which offers 10 uniquely designed, patented molds with cheerful Christmas motifs. Kids can create their personalized squishy toys, making this kit a delightful sensory experience and a standout Christmas gift.
  • Safe and Non-toxic Amazing Magic Water Elf Toys: Crafted from non-toxic green materials, come with a CPC certificate, approved by US government standards. They offer tactile sensory pleasure, making them a fantastic addition to any DIY toy kit.
  • Experience the Magic with 6 Dinosaur Eggs: Witness the marvel as these eggs evolve into creatures when immersed in water! Observe the mesmerizing journey of baby dinosaurs developing in water. Be prepared for a barrage of questions from curious kids awaiting the dinosaurs' emergence. Enlighten them using water-growing sea creatures as examples.
  • Interactive Creative Play:Ideal for parent-child interaction, children's parties, and holiday gifts, the Magic Water Elf enriches family time and adds fun to play sessions. We offer a high-quality warranty and are always available at Kiditos for any questions you might have.