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Kiditos Ocean Light Up Terrarium DIY Toy Kit

SKU: KD-TA-ocean
1. Enchanting Underwater Realm: Dive into the Magic with Our Fantasy Terrarium!Uncover the spellbinding allure of nature as you explore our captivating miniature faux sea world enclosed in a jar.
2.Glowing Wonder Nights: Illuminate Your Imagination with Ease!Toggle the switch as night falls and witness the transformation of your terrarium into a radiant wonderland. Seeing is truly believing – behold the magical radiance!
3. Complete Creativity Unleashed: Your All-Inclusive Sea World Kit!Unbox boundless creative potential with our kit, featuring a terrarium jar, a light-up lid with a handle, a lasting button cell battery, and an array of mini decorations to personalize your underwater world.
4.Instant Joy for All Ages: Unveil the Fascination in a Box!Spark instant fascination as children open the kit, transcending age boundaries. Watch as imaginations flourish – an ideal gift igniting joy and creativity for everyone involved.
5.Fantasy at Your Fingertips: Remote-Controlled Illumination Extravaganza!Elevate the experience with a remote control, offering 13 vibrant colors and 3 adjustable light modes. This marvel transforms your kids' terrarium into a radiant fantasy night light – immerse the space in a spectrum of colors with the touch of a button.