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Sea World DIY Micro Landscape Miniature Toy Kit


1. Complete Sea World Epoxy Resin Kit:Immerse yourself in the DIY experience with our sea world toys, boasting an all-inclusive epoxy resin kit. Perfect for arts and crafts, this kit features high-quality clear epoxy resin, ensuring a delightful crafting experience for kids.

2.Diverse Styles to Explore:Dive into our extensive range, spanning from the Dinosaur Century to the Mermaid Underwater World and a festive Christmas Edition. Choose based on your preferences or unleash your creativity by crafting unique designs.

3. Safety at the Forefront:Craft with confidence using our premium natural clay and certified epoxy. Our materials have undergone rigorous children's product certification, guaranteeing a safe and non-toxic crafting experience for kids.

4. Engaging Sea World Activities:Beyond mere toys, our sea world kits for kids aged 8-12 evolve into captivating activities. With included art clay and epoxy resin, children can shape their miniature landscapes, igniting and enhancing their creativity.

5. All-in-One Crafting Set:Simplify your crafting adventure with our comprehensive set, featuring 11 packs of light clay, 4 mini corals, 2 mini seaweed, 2 mini mermaids, and an array of mini landscape ornaments and tool sets. No extra preparations needed—simply open the box and let the crafting journey unfold!