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Light-up Clay Lanterns Making Set

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  • Spark Your Imagination: Dive into creativity with our all-inclusive kit to create unique clay lanterns. With 24 vibrant colors, mix and match to bring your personalized vision to life, ensuring each lantern is a masterpiece of your own making.
  • Everything You Need Included: Our kit is packed with ultra-light clay in 24 colors, 2 LED flickering candles for a safe, gentle glow, plus all the tools and a comprehensive guide for an easy, enjoyable crafting experience. Perfect for beginners.
  • Ancient Craft, Modern Twist: Blend the timeless beauty of pottery with contemporary design. This kit provides everything to make two exquisite clay candle holders, casting enchanting shadows through their hollowed-out designs, creating a mesmerizing light effect.
  • A Cozy, Relaxing Glow: Included LED candles flicker like real flames, offering your space the cozy ambiance of candlelight without the worry. Place your finished lanterns in any room to enjoy a warm, soothing atmosphere that invites relaxation and inspiration.
  • The Perfect Gift of Creativity: Engage the whole family with a gift that's fun for all ages. From unboxing to the final reveal, crafting these lanterns sparks joy and imagination, making it an immensely satisfying experience. Each lantern becomes a personal work of art, infused with unique colors and shapes, including stars, flowers, and hearts.