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Magic Water Elf Toy Kit 25 Colors New

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  • Create Your Ocean Paradise: Embark on an exciting journey into your very own ocean realm with our themed Water Elves Kit. This package includes 20 sea creature molds and offers an array of 25 captivating shades, including 13 sparkling colors. These gel colors not only ignite the imagination but also stimulate brain development by enhancing your child's color recognition skills. Craft unique ocean water elves, adding an extra touch of creativity to your underwater world!
  • Reliable Craftsmanship: Our products boast efficient molding and easy demolding, ensuring durability without compromising on quality. Our water sprites maintain their integrity and are resistant to breakage when removed from the mold, guaranteeing a high success rate for your creations. This creative toy promises hours of entertainment for kids, without concerns about fragility.
  • Dinosaur Eggs Growing in Water: Our package includes 36 dinosaur eggs, allowing kids to experience the fascinating process of these eggs transforming into adorable baby dinosaurs when submerged in water. You'll hear countless questions of curiosity from the little ones while they eagerly await the birth of these dinosaurs. You can also use this opportunity to explain the concept with water-growing sea creatures.
  • Keep Kids Engaged: Tailored for children, this craft provides hours of educational fun and offers a great alternative to electronic devices. Empower children by letting them create their very own dinosaurs, boosting their self-confidence and nurturing a love for learning. Keep those little hands occupied and engaged with this enriching and entertaining activity!
  • Safe and Non-toxic Amazing Magic Gel: Our remarkable Magic Gel is crafted from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. These tactile wonders provide sensory pleasure and ensure a safe and fantastic addition to any DIY toy kit. Spark your child's creativity with confidence in the safety of this extraordinary playtime experience!